Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bento Tuesday- Improvised Lunchbox

This week I forgot to pick up peanut butter for my kids' lunches.  That ended up being okay, because they get tired of eating the same thing --PB & J-- over and over again.  I decided to make them bentos inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Just Bento. I also learned a lot about packing lunches to keep them from shifting, and food safety too, from Lunch in a Box.  The boys enjoy the neatly-packed attractive food, and it sure beats a squished sandwich. 

The food I used for this bento is a combination of food I had on hand and food from my second pantry, the freezer.  The frozen green stuff on top was leftover cooked broccoli that I froze in cupcake cups with just this purpose in mind.  For protein I threw in an Easter egg dyed to look like a Poke-ball, and made cream-cheese sandwiches on thick texas toast.  For dessert, a super healthy-fiber bar (my poor kids) and the cherry tomatoes, sweet and nutritious, act as space fillers to keep the food from shifting in transit. 

Everything was devoured except a couple of the tomatoes, so I'd call this lunch a success!


robert said...

I love the poke-ball eggs!

iheartcooking said...

Thanks! The kid who made it got to eat it.